11 Amateur Bloggers Mistakes: That Never Will Succeed You

You starting your new blog, and you just appeared in the blogging field. I am sure you made a  lot of Amateur Bloggers Mistakes in your blog and nobody beside you showed you the right path.

But I am here to show you the right path and guide your mistakes amateur bloggers make. Which you, me and any other blogger are repeating it continuously.

11 Amateur Bloggers Mistakes: That Never Will Succeed You

What happened With me when I also was nube?

When I also started my blogging journey with blogger, I have also made a lot of mistakes amateur bloggers make that is why I was unable to succeed.

But after putting my hard efforts on learning I got advanced level knowledge in blogging and SEO.

And I can rank any website in just 2 month on any high competitive keywords, just because how I improved my skills through avoiding the mistakes amateur blogger makes which I was repeating

They use to think about the money online and ignoring to publishing quality content there are lot of stuff we are going to guide

Stay tuned ! With me to know more about the mistakes amateur bloggers make which you have created and this accident can happen with you..

1. Not Choosing The Right Niche

If you starting your blog, I know this mistake will happen from you, even me and most of the Amateur blogs also made these small mistakes amateur bloggers make in initial days.

These small mistakes amateur bloggers make will spoil you time and never will Succeed you.

There was a time when we used to write our content in multiple topics but in this era everything has been changed with SERPs algorithm update.

Niche is nothing, but is your category on which you will write an article around it.

Choosing the wrong niche is a huge blogging mistakes that never succeeds.

What Is The Reason?

If you will write an article on multiple niche search engine will never focus on ranking your article, and it will take much time to get ready to blog to make a big brand as compared to a micro niche.

When a particle niche will take almost half time to grow your blog, if you have published quality content and SEO optimized articles.

Pro Tips: always find the profitable niche with low competition and maximum traffic, find those niche who generate money

How To Choose Profitable Niche?

  • Identify On Which Topic You Are Passionate And Interest
  • Consider On Which Problem You Can Solve With Your Article. 
  • Check The Niche Competition
  • Find The Profitable Niche Only With Search Traffic
  • These are the points you have to follow to identify a perfect niche in your industry.

2. Not Choosing The Good Domain?

Friends do you know, if you are an affiliate marketer then it’s a huge matter to make a big brand yourself  in the society in which you are working.

If you don’t  have a little bit of a brand then people are not going to convert as a buyer, so it totally depends on your brand name domain.. 

There is a sweet relation between domain and niche that makes a brand which leads to converting visitors to buyers..

Your domain is similar to your niche. Once you follow this term as well your blog will be highlighted in the eye of google.

Your blog will also be loved by your visitors and it will create a brand slowly-slowly.

If you are using the free domain from bloggers and someone else’s who build free websites…

Then drop that opportunity and make your self hosted wordpress account, with better hosting, don’t depend on someone it’s blogging.

If you are hosted your website for free with blogger, and google Sites, and others like 000webhost.

Then let me tell you ultimately these platforms hosted websites are not in your control.

But in self hosted your website is fully in your control you can manage your hosting, you can manage your domain and anything, but these features are not featured on free hosted platforms.

I will suggest you should buy only .com domain extensions, but in some cases if you are targeting multiple countries then you can use .in and something else’s.

If you want to buy domain then you can buy it easily from GoDaddy, namecheap or porkbun

3. Choosing the cheap and uncomfortable hosting.

As we all know nowadays people are showing their interest to buy hosting at low price and cheap price, these hosting are totally wasted. 

And they are unknown from the cheap hosting, the problem will be created there is your blog speed.

And this is also a part of blogging Mistakes will again never succeed you.

Now in the era Search engine is providing much focus having good page speed time, maximum of the Amateur blogs and SEO expert and webmaster have announced it officially.

And most of the users have also seen the once problem trending in the top that spoils the brand of the hosting is your blog will be down if it has much traffic..

Inside our great hosting you will get extra security ( SSL) http to https, that leads to convert our visotes to reader and they will feel free to buy your products

If you are a beginner then you can continue with shared hosting but once your blog has authority and traffic is coming then you need to change the hosting…

If you are using the blogger, being the guide it is my duty to tell you that your blog Should be in control in your mind it..

You can choose a good hosting and domain and start with a WordPress with just a little bit of investment…

If you don’t have an idea then let me suggest one great housing that may change your blog life is siteground, or bluehost.

4. Uncomfortable blog design..

One Most popular mistake is being repeated by everyone who is on nube currently, they are not customising their blog.

I know most of the people are starting their blog with a blogger free hosted platform and using the free themes by downloading from somewhere..

If you don’t have themes you can purchase it from trusted please or move your blog to WordPress..

Because blogger free hosted platforms don’t allow their users to customize their blog themselves and ultimately you will get outdated hosting that will spoil your experience.

And most of the webmasters have directly said that  user experience is the biggest ranking factor like link building and other stuff.

WordPress allows the users to create a custom blog customization with the help of plugins, there are many plugins for blog customization.

Astra pro and elementor premium, Thrive Architect premium are the three these plugins which are going very popular for blog designing.

In today’s time thrive architect is most trending, so being the guider I will suggest thrive architect

You can choose one and customize your blog for mentioning the user experience. You can choose the generatepress premium theme for blog designing.

Generatepress premiums theme allows the unlimited features which should be in themes. 

5. Not Choosing the good theme.

Do you know the importance of great themes in websites? Do you still think that an attractive theme will be good for your Business.


It doesn’t matter if your theme is attractive or not, themes can be customized further but your single mistake will waste your too much effort..

Why is SEO optimized theme necessary?

Not for looking attractive for other purposes that help search engines to understand your blog and many other stuff.

A great theme has a lot of facilities that works for your site to rank and makes it easy to navigate..

A great themes should have been these stuff:

  • Great for speed
  • Lot’s of customization features in WordPress customization
  • Import/Export features have provided
  • Scheme markup
  • Responsive theme
  • Etc

All these and much then I explained there should be in a great and responsive themes, by the way these features are provided in a single generatepress premium theme you can try once. 

Most of the free theme providers use to put their branding beside the footer, and if you will put your efforts to change in it, then it will redirect to your theme provider Website.

Thus, in this case your blog can be also controlled by your free themes provider.

Never use ever GPL theme, GPL themes will never provide the facility of updating your themes and your website can be ever hacked.

Your earning and efforts and time will be lost, so be careful of these types of fraud GPL themes.

6. Not publishing The Quality Content

Guys, SERPs are updating their algorithms regularly and anytime you can lose your ranking, if you have black hat SEO any other strategies alternative to SEO.

Google has said directly, they will not consider ranking on those content who have long length content.

They love those content who have Quality content that fills users with complete intent and makes them happy to read your content.

If you are unknown from this biggest blogging mistakes, then you are wasting your time here.

What Is Quality Content?

Quality content is nothing but, the content haveing lot of right and unique information that fill full the user intent and make them happy to share to your content and read too.

You have doesn’t to only solve the query of the reader, but Also provide the other and alternative answers related to that topic.

That called the quality content

Quality content doesn’t need any types of link building and other stuff rather than on Page SEO is one thing to rank.

It was a time needed to better link building to rank higher in SERPs, nkt still in the 2020 generation most of the Amateur blogs are ranking without backlink and better then backlink websites

How To Write Quality Content?

  • Write Unique Content, Don’ts Copy From Anyone.
  • Include Focus Keywords In Headlines.
  • Add FAQ Schema To Solve The Answer.
  • Communicate Better By Putting More Image/Video.
  • Don’t Make Your Content Too Much Long
  • Update Your Outdated blog post.

These are the things you will make your blog article more quality and your visitors will enjoy it. 

Just stop thinking about money and publish quality content that engages visisotes, once right visitors will come across to our brand money will automatically start making.

7. Ignoring The On-Page SEO

Since SEO has launched, on-page SEO 

 are one of the biggest ranking factors..

If you are writing your article without having on Page SEO, then I am sure your article is not going to rank anymore.

These blogging mistakes will always spoil the reputation of your blog in the eyes of SERPs.

Why am I saying that?

Because search engines are providing a lot of value to the on Page SEO, a website having better on page optimized Article = better  ranking..

2 years back I was also A nube, I also wrote quality content without having on Page SEO, the results are not nothing rather than time pass.

So be aware of those  mistakes amateur bloggers make and make your article SEO friendly optimized that will make an increase in your branding Ranking and Traffic too.

An article without on Page, their reader will also ignore and SERPs as well.

In 2012 there was a time where a single article takes a lot of time to rank In SERPs without backlink..

And today 2020 each and every article  can rank in just 2 month as well with on Page SEO, because Google is updating their algorithm regularly and focusing to provide better knowledge to their users .

How To Write On Page Optimized Article?

Follow these stuff inside your article to make your article SEO friendly optimized:-

Put your focus keyword in the initial 100 words of the article.

  • Make Your Article Title As H1 Tag.
  • Put Your Subheading Inside H2 Tag.
  • Use Internal Linking Inside The Article.
  • Put Your Focus Keyword In SEO Title.
  • Unique Content Without Having Plagiarism.

These are the stuff which will make your Article SEO Friendly And For Optimized For On Page SEO.

Anyway if you are not a SEO plugin to make your article SEO friendly, then being your guide it’s my duty to suggest you the effective plugins.

Rankmath is the most popular trending SEO plugin that has been being followed by the top of the Amateur blogs

8. Ignoring Technical SEO

We all are being seeing and putting out efforts for get better ranking, but there is not topical rational between Content ranking other stuff, 

Technical SEO is the part of SEO, it is a kind of on page SEO but not for a single page but a full site.

The technical SEO is most important rather than other factors of SEO, these are things made blogs to grow fast.

A lot of courses have been launched for technical SEO/SEO audit, that’s because it’s important after installing WordPress .

If your technical SEO may be damaged ever, I am sure your ranking will also be damaged after it. 

Technical SEO is just a ranking factor, but it also helps bots to crawl and index for search engines.

Technical SEO can not be done with us, those  people who have knowledge about it can handle it.

There is lot’s o tools that will help you to check your website technical faults which you have made/ left on your site.

How To Fix The Technical SEO?

We have mentioned some technical SEO points which you have to follow and implement inside your website.

Identify the perfect domain for your niche or keyword.

  • Mention Robot.Txt 
  • Optimised Your URLs For SEO.
  • Navigate The Site Structure.
  • Breadcrumbs Issue
  • Mention Structure Data Markups
  • Canonical URLs
  • Optimised 404 Error.
  • XML Sitemap
  • Website Speed
  • AMP
  • Add Your Site To Search Console.

These are the stuff which you have to follow anyways.

Why these points are important I hope you all understood after looking at page speed and canonical URLs.

As I already have told you there are many blogs which are providing to check your website technical SEO score at free of cost.

Click here to check

9. Ignoring Link Building

Backlink is also called as outbound links in the term of SEO.

There are many bloggers & they have ranked their website without having a single backlink, but they still ranked.

But if you are noob and don’t know the basics stuff about blogging, then you shouldn’t ignore link building.

In 2020 google is not providing much value to link building they are focusing on other factors as well.

But backlink will always work and still work, so make sure to create quality backlink so it helps proper ranking.

Backlink is a link which is a way to connect two websites one to another, and it’s the biggest ranking as compared to other SEO points.

Backlink  is important because the search engine is looking at your website performance and tracking it, the user intent.

If your people are linking your website to your page, then it’s a green signal to search engines to help to understand the content quality of the article. 

But are there major parts of backlinks?\

  • Nofollow
  • Dofollow

Nofollow:- nofollow is also a part of backlink but it doesn’t not pass any types of linka juice to your website, 

Pro Tips: Link juice is the major part of the link building that sends the signals to google to the quality of backlink.

Dofollow:- Dofollow is also the most important part of link building, and Dofollow backlinks pass link juice as well and boost organic rankings.

Pro Tips: don’t make much Dofollow backlink, mention the great ratio of qualityness.

Don’t put your efforts to build the spam Backlink the spoils the reputation of your website, may increase your spam score and your website can be down.

Always try to create quality backlink from trusted blogs, that’s send signals to search engines to build the authority as well.

Pro Tips: if you are starting your new blogs, then don’t make a single backlink in starting 2 month.

10. Huge mistakes of Not content promotions

If your website has a better Authority in SERPs, then it’s good, but there are points that you are missing.

I have a lot of knowledge about SEO but, the problems being faced by it is pretty small, why my Website is not getting above my competitor article.

I had a lot of backlinks put on my article by still I was unable to crack that keyword, that time my friend suggested this trick to get my post above my competitor.

That was promoting a Content promotions 😀

11 Amateur Bloggers Mistakes: That Never Will Succeed You

What are the ways of content promotions ??

The answer of pretty simple:-

  • Social medias followers
  • Answer on Quora.
  • Drive traffic from youtube.
  • Run paid ads
  • Make telegram groups and promote content.
  • Email marketing.
  • E.t.c

These are your readers,  you can connect it with you and social media and promote your content there.

I often answer on Quora and I have got tons of targeted traffic on our blog post, 

Let’s talk about the social signal

The Social comes from the Social media, when you use to post your article link on social media.

And your Social followers visit your article, this process sends the social signals through social media to search engines.

And nowadays search engine algorithms and focusing on Social signals most of my blogs articles have ranked through Social signals.

So don’t forget to use Social signal through social media.

11. Not collecting the email list

Guys it’s just 2021 and this era, the times of promoting the offers and promoting your blog posts, most people are doing these stuff with paid ads.

But it’s not affordable for beginners and in this case we can use the method of email marketing which is going to be popular.

Let’s understand the mistakes is being repeating in the case of email marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a part of marketing through our emails subscribers, it’s is most effective people are converting with these methods.

If you are running paid ads to promote something online with investing money, but with these things you can do the same things with it but the benefits is you can do it free.

We have to just collect the leads of your followers by providing any things for free, and collect their leads in return.

It’s also called the lead generation.

You can send them messages through to their email addresses and inform them what you have planned and published your new post or anything.

You need a tool to send them email and to collect that, we have mentioned some premium tools by which you can send, choose one and start your email marketing process. 

How To Collect the Email list?

Collecting the email list it’s just easy, for this you need to have your brand, Authority and follower, trust.

These things run the users minds to submit their email list in front of us.

Follow these points to collect email list:

  • Provide them free value and knowledge.
  • Provide them free ebooks that help him.
  • Provide them the free course.
  • Provide them a free webinar.

You can help your audience and drive them to your landing page, where we will collect their email.

In Conclusion

That was my effort to teach you the right path that makes you avoid your mistakes and push you all to the right and working strategies.

I wish you all will implement these strategies inside your blog, make them a success.

One request to you all, I have put lots of effort into writing  Quality content, to informative articles.

I request to share these this post to your Facebook aur another social account account as well



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