Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

Are you working hard to creating content but still your blog is not getting ranking, then make sure blog have some fault that are not attracting the visitors “right”

One of the biggest reason is your title and second is one that plays the biggest role to attract the visitors to your blog is your blog description

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

Before the user comes across your blog first they use to read your blog Description, then after they consider to visit your blog.

What happens, when they feel, your blog can not fill the visitors intent after reading the blog description. 

Ofcourse, they will ignore your blog? And you are missing the lot of traffic.

That is the reason why you are not getting ranking, here you will learn about the blog Description tips which will help you to increase your organic CTR and traffic too.

What is a Blog description?

Blog description is a quick introduction of your blog, by which your visitors use to read before they take actions for your blog.

Your description helps to convince your users to improve your organic CTR, traffic and conversion rate too.

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

Your blog description kept google beside your title and favicon in SERPs, which make the thing good and effective.

Here is what those visitors and the google show’s that actually you have mentioned inside your Blog.

As we all know that placing the keywords the right way helps to get ranking faster  in SERPs, here is the same process which you have to do.

Ii you are placing your keyword inside your Custom blog description, this is the high probability to rank your targeted keyword as well.

Why is your blog Description important?

The biggest importance behind the mention of the description inside the blog is to tell the people about that page in a short paragraph.

By chance, if you forget about the mentioning description of any page in that panic situation google will drop 100 words at the beginning of the article in the description.

Think beginning of the 100 words can describe about your whole article in short 2-3 line.


 By this your visitor’s will ignore your blog, and feel uncomfortable, when these stuff done by users then google will ignore your blog too.

Not one the topic about it, but also lot of elements can be miss to add inside your blog

So make sure to check your blog description before publishing the content and adding them to the SERPs.

Benefits of using the blog description?

There are a lot of benefits behind mentioning it in the article.

Blog description helps audience to consider to click on your our link, that leads to improve your organic CTR as well.

We use search engine to get solution of our quory instant, but whenever we use to search on google.

Google show’s the top 100 website 

 having written articles on the same keyword, at this situation the user will read the article description.

Which can describe the topic we have covered in our whole article in just a second, after that” visitors doesn’t need to invest his time check all the blog for get a quory solutions.

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

You can take an example of moz, the moz visitors will take a look once description to get basic knowledge about this blog, what exactly the blog is based on.

That’s why at the today’s era the moz have millions of traffic, and better user experience

Example for writing a good blog post description?

I love to believe to teach people practically, let’s understand about blog Description how people use to mention their Description regarding Their niche industry.

Let’s see practical example and strategies to write blog post and fill the user experience after reading the description.

Example Of lifestyle blogs descriptions

Take a look at these descriptions and spy why they are ranking and attracting visitors, which types of description they are producing inside their blogs post and homepage.

Which types of keywords are mentioned in the keyword, Custom blog description keywords are much important so make sure you will add your keywords in Custom blog description too.

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

Blogging blog description example

As we all know that blogging niche is how much compatative. But some of pro blogger have made it cracked, that’s why by improving their organic CTR, and user experience

And I already told you that, to improve organic CTR you need to make your blog clickable in SERPs. This is how they have done it.

Put your eyes into these blogs and try to see why they are ranking on top of the google search, because they optimized it.

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

How to write a blog post description?

When we install WordPress to our blog, our blogs aren’t able to write anything, so in that situation we need one tool to manage it.

Rankmath is the plugin which provides a free facility to edit our description along with many other on- page ranking stuff.

There is an alternative SEO plugin called yoast SEO that will do the same work as rankmath, so you can choose one of them to edit your description.

One more benefits of rank math and yoast SEO is that added the robot.txt file automatically into your site and index it in search engine, by this our blog and Description is also will index without putting any other efforts..

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

I have tried to explain the stuff clearly, this is the way to find your meta description mentioned page on your blog wp- admin make sure your blog have at least one SEO plugin to manage it.

How to optimize blog post description for keywords?

The SEO is the game of keywords, so we should consider about it, Let’s dig into it and optimize our keywords inside the description, 

This is important to add the keyword in the Custom blog description that sends the google green signals to consider it your blog according to your keyword placement.

Try to fit comfortably your keyword at the beginning of the description that will help you highlight your keyword for google.

And the rest of the Custom blog description you need to add your LSI keyword as well and Call to action to attract them to your blog.

Steps for find meta tag description page: 

By reading the text and following the things to find the description in any seo plugins easily.

  • 👉Go to your (seo plugins) 
  • 👉Click on titles and meta.
  • 👉Tap on homepage.
  • 👉Edit your description

How to edit blog post description?

I forgot to tell you one more thing which is also necessary, if you are missing it, then your blog posts are never going to rank as well.

So stay tuned with me and know more we are exploring the importance of post description.

There are two types of Description that are featured and important for SEO.

1 blog homepage description 

2 blog post description.

 blog homepage description: is what that explains the searcher what your blog’s niche / industry and what topics you have followed in your blog.

blog post description: is the description that describes about your blogs post what you have in your whole article 

There are large differences about it, if you are thinking that, once you mentioned the description, you don’t need to add it once more then you are wrong.

Your per single page need description for describe:

Follow the steps to add your blog post description:-

  • 👉The first things comes, go your (blog) wp-admin and click on add post.
  • 👉The terms comes is to write your click on edit snippet, snippet is what the full page of your SERPs.
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x
  • 👉 the next term is to write your description as you want, you can also see how your description looks like in google search. 
Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

7 Tips to Write an Effective Blog Description

Let’s see some interesting stuff that can help or blog to grow by mastering a perfect SEO Meta description.

Let me tell you one thing, google gives much importance to the text written in the SEO Meta description,  below we will go to know some tips and strategies to mention a perfect description.

Writing the description means attracting the right visitor’s on your blog, if you have written a good description, never the right visitor is going to cross to your blog.

Once you write your SEO Meta description wrong, then the irrelevant users are going to come inside your blog, and this will increase your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is a biggest ranking factor once your bounce rate gets damaged then any strategies can not provide better ranking in SERPs.

1. Use target keyword in the description

I already told you above in the content, there is much value in the text which is written in your description.

So i am going to tell you about the hack trick that will help your blog to grow fast in SERPs.

Mention your target keyword and main keyword in the description when you are writing an article, the Custom blog description which comes below the title in the SERPs.

After mentioning the main keywords in the Custom blog description your main will rank as well quick and google algorithm will consider to think about your target keyword, and they rank it finally.

You can see most of the pro bloggers, they like to use this technique inside their SEO Meta description to master it effectively. 

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

So if you messed this thing up make sure to update it.

2. Include Power Words: the one of ranking factor

Let’s talk about the power words, of course the power word is a direct ranking factor, which is followed and confirmed by top webmasters.

Many SEO experts are using this ranking factor including this into Their article and getting proven results.

And the rankmath and yoast SEO also suggest it while writing the article.

If you have written the article and haven’t included it into your article then go and update it.

Now, the terms comes that adding it into the SEO Meta description, 

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

Adding the power word Into the beginning of the Custom blog description makes the things more attractive that leads to increased conversion, increasement in the traffic and leads, improving CTR too.

If you are thinking to buy yoast SEO, then don’t by yoast SEO it’s all the premium features are provided free at rankmath it is better than Yoast SEO

3. Don’t write description more than 160 characters

Rules are everywhere…

The SEO Meta description rule also ready for you to follow,  is don’t write your description more than 160 character.

If you are writing above of it, then your Description will be non- visible those those path Which you have written extra, above 160 characters.

It for description will be cut, then we can’t full the user intent of the description, a

This is a very bad user experience.

So make sure you will follow it.

4. Mention Call To Action last word of the description

Let’s know about call to action.

What is a call to action?

Call is action is funnels that help us to attract visitors and show curiosity and excitement to know more about that topic/product.

If you will mention it last of the some word, then your visitors will show interested to read your blog and will boost your CTR.

And we all know how much important is CTR, do one request don’t understand and estimate it.

How call to action looks like

👉Want to know more?

👉Here’s the forgotten secret!

👉Here’s how to get it!

👉Let’s see the shocking truth!

5. Your LSI Keywords should in your description

I know that there is very little space to write description, but writing Custom blog description will be always profitable for you.

And, I already told you Description is used to describe your topic, so you can also mention your LSI keyword as a topic and make them rank…

This is how a lot of SEO experts use to do, if you will check their one article in ahrefs and semrush you will see the single article is ranking for a multiple keyword.

This is how they made it possible, you can also copy this exact blueprint inside your blog and grow your blog like a pro.

If you will rank your target keywords only then you will get limited traffic on it. But once you will start working on multiple keywords your blog will generate traffic on multiple Keywords.

Someone times you have seen when you use to search anything in google, the google show’s the different result, l guys this is how they ranked for multiple Keywords.

Don’t ignore the power of SEO Meta description, take advantage of it and also rank your LSI Keywords by yoast SEO and generate some extra conversion and traffic too. 

6 Ways To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

How to write a description in a blogger?

In today’s era most of the new bloggers are doing this in initial days they like to build their blogs, even I also did it.

So if you consider it, let’s explore a little bit about it. 

Now things I want to clear it directly are the points I have already mentioned above that will work also on blogger.

Nothing’s the terms and rules are going to change.

Follow the points to write description in blogger:

👉 First open your blogger account.

👉 Click on setting.

👉Click on edit description, under meta tags.

👉Click yes

👉 Start writing your description.

Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

FAQs On Blog Description: Increase Organic Traffic 2x

How long does Google take to index my description in google?

If you are using wordpress it takes 2-3 hours, but in the case of blogger it can be happen in 1-2 days even 3-4 day’s.

How Long Should Your Meta Description Be?

According to Moz and other biggest SEO players, Custom blog description should at at 160 character’s long is better and good.


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