6 Ways To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

Attarcting visitors from searching engine is not still easy due to lot of compititon and also google is louncing lot of algorithm a year.

If you want a lot of traffic, conversions to generate revenue from your blog you have to follow the lot of stuff from SEO..

But I am telling the most popular ranking secret Bounce Rate that have following by lot of SEO expert and that is thing which is still working for them.

You can also get the benefits from it.. 

Today we are going to discuss about the Most popular ranking factor Bounce Rate

Yes, we will know the all the stuff about the bounce rate  how it helped me rank my blog into a month, every acpect I will discuss as a case study, what happaned with me.

 What is Bounce Rate?

How to increse traffic by reducing bounce rate

Google is working hard to provide more value on those blog, which is providing best information on internet.

There are many sach as factor- – –

  • CTR
  • Dwell time
  • bounce back
  • bounce Rate

One of them is bounce Rate, let’s know what bounce rate is?

When your reader access your blog to read a particular article, and he also shown intrested to read other article on your same blog.

Or might be he clicked on internal links at same blog or read it, at this situation google will consider of think the users came on your blog they are targeted traffic, that’s why users intrested to read one more article on same blog.

Why most of {whatsapp groups links} blogs use to rank well on SERPs quickly as compare to other niches.

Below I have included some extra ways to reduce your blog bounce rate as well.

How To Find Your Bounce Rate?

there is many places who shows the bounce rate which is not 100% right, to get an 100% accurate data about the bounce Rate you need to check this inside your google analytics account.

the bounce rate shows in analytics in two ways:-

you can check bounce rate of your whole website

 you also can track your particular articles bounce Rate.

Behavior > All Pages > Bounce Rate (you can easily track your bounce rate of a page )

Acquisition > Channels > Bounce Rate (you can also check the bounce rate of your traffic)

Acquisition > Source/Medium > Bounce Rate (you can watch which type referral traffic and mediums have lowest bounce rate)

Acquisition > AdWords > Campaigns > Bounce Rate (took a look on your AdWords campaign fare take a data of your bounce rate)

Ways To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

So I decided I will tell some proven ways to get reduce your bounce rate to get higher ranking.

1. Improve Your Content’s Readability

Most of the blogger don’t care about the users intent and that why reader get back after few second from their blog and this is the biggest red signals that might be effect your some little bit ranked pages and your ranking too.

To fill the user intent you article should be fully informative that solve the user quory and lot’s of other knowledge which they don’t know. 

Also make a qna of the article  by the help of rankmath SEO plugin that solve the question which apper inside their mind after reading whole article.

Rankmath have lots of elements that helps to write proper and well maintained article which is also boost your user intent again.

 Ways To Write Readable Article ? 

  •  Use Subheading For Your Article That’s bold The Sub Topic Into Your Article.
  • Use Bullet Points Explain The Stuff In Btter Ways.
  • Try To Explain The Topic Practical Via Images That Helps him To understand concept Well.
  • Use “Quoted Text” Inside The Article to Explain Some Special Stuff Easily.
  • Use The “Conclusions” In The Last Of The Article That Explain About The Whole Aricle In Short Term.

If your Readability is better then nothing can stop your reader to read the article till the end, if is being your blog dwell time will also  improve which is also a huge ranking factor.

2. Avoid Popups – Don’t Disturb The Reader

When we are entering someone blogs to get some profitable knowledge but what happens after that he shows lot of popups that disturb the users.

Which is the biggest read signal when user will get back from your blog.

If you see once the biggest blog like neilpatel,  shoutmeloud and more other they don’t like these types of stuff inside their article.

They says these types of thing can  spoil you Readability, they always try to provide some valueable knowlege inside their article.

At this today’s era email marketing is going more popular which is good it’s also good to get targeted lead related to your niche.

For this most of marketor trying this method to convert their audiance to a email subscriber some visitor are shown interest into it, but some got bored from it.

This is the thing, which can also damage your blog loading speed time  , once your blog loading speed time got damage any how you can’t get ranking as well, we will discuss further in this article in detail about it.

3. Improve Your Blog Speed time

Think when you are struggling to get an answer for an quory you types the keyword on google and search it.

And you got an blog which is providing solution of your quory and he written article with quality content.

When you entering inside blog for your quory And issues is that blog is not opening lake your their page Speed

Would you like to wait for this?

Absolutely, NO becouse their are lot alternative blog sach as provideing the same information their as well.

At this situation you wiill exit that blog and jump to this blog you get and you will start reading it.

What happan next? That blog will be ignore by the search and google will send to that blog down..

So, when the terms comes for you traffic  through blog page speed is one of the most important thing that will help you get millions of traffic on your blog and ranking as well. 

So this is how, it’s all about the effect of blog ranking, to try to reduce your blog speed too.

How To Reduce Page Speed Of Our Blog?

As we all know that page speed is an biggest ranking factor that can damge your blog your earning too.

This, when we are generating free revenue through blogging then it’s time to invest little bit on your blog

As a guider, I would like to suggest one thing that can change your blogs life and can generate a lots of money through it.

There is a plugin name Wp- Rocket which is currently not free I helps to optimize our blogs you load fast as well.

So you should grab it once it tottaly worthy.

Here are some tips which helps you load your blog faster:-

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Minify and combine files
  • Reduce server response time
  • Choose the right hosting option for your needs
  • Run a compression audit

Google gives more value on those blogs who is load in under 3 second so try under it.

 4. Attract the right audience with target keywords

Guys, are you getting your traffic down due to your blog bounce rate is getting increase the soluction is you are not getting the right visitor’s

If your blogs visitors are showing interest to visit your same blog but another page then they are the targetted traffic.

So the problem is being with you that you are not targetting the right visitor’s with right keyword. so if you are thinking to rank your single article into a multi keyword.

Then you are rank them on it, but they are the wrong visitor’s absolutely they are harm your blogs

If you doing targetting these types of reader they can’t be able to spend more time on your blogs and they can quickly exit from your blog.

And this is goes to increse your bounce rate.

So to get right visitor’s you should  focus on high volume keywords it might be little compititive but it not impossible, the Profitable keywords are always compitiative.

5. Do Internal Linking Inside Your Blog 

As what are thinking? Is is possible to reduce bounce rate without internal linking I thing I little bit as a impossible.

Becouse when we are looking in someone article for something what happens? The article internal linking provides some extra information about the some topic which we are reading as well.

At this situation we click on it quicly without thinking anything.

This is how the same thing happens with us, these kind of stuff use to boost our bounce rate which leads to more traffic as well

Doing the internal linking is not a big deal attracting the right vistor inside it, it is little bit hard I think for this we have to do the internal linking with right way.

How To Do The Internal Linking In Right Way?

  • Always try to do Internal Linking with related keywords.
  • Alway put right achor text on the links that full the user intent.
  • Don’t do any types of spamming like througing the lots of internal linking into the single article.
  • Always put your internal links on those keywords, that’s leads to send the user to other direction’s

6. Your External Links Should Be Open In New Tab..

Now the things comes into the mind why this guy’s  is discussing about the external linking inside the bounce rate?

Then the mistakes of being b the most of the bloggers that they don’t use these types of benifials stuff, I will suggest the small thing and make your blog is rank quickly.

6 Ways To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

Here the things comes on..

When the Users shown the intrest once into the external links and click on it. It will automatically links will open in new tab, unfortunately when users want to come back on your blog.

By this the users can easily migrate on your site without any types of problems.

I would like to say, you should always implement it on your site once it is the things that really worked for me.

     How To Set Open Links In New Tab?

The nubbie that doesn’t know how to do it let me show yout the practical with example becouse it will little hard to find for begginer and the miss the benefits.

There is a setting for the rankmath users they can set the funnels that when you will publish any external links on your site it will automatically will open in new tab..

The opening links in new tab there is one alternatively plugin that will helps you to the same stuff “Wp- external links” but I will guggest in install more plugins for the little bit problem, you can use rankmath to get the all types of soluction there. 

7. Add related posts

As I told you before that when the users use to visit our article to another article, by this process our bounce rate will decrese.

So it’s our duty for check the user intent and suggest the more article for read some thing more inside our blog.

To get our bounce rate down we have to must design your blog with multiple elements that attract more visitors to read our blog, there are many some free and paid plugins are stored in the online market.

Simple you can purchase that with liesense and make your blog attractive that generate more visitors, traffic and conversions. 

We have seen lot of successful blogs which is generating money which we can not aspect and the region is to attracting them with their looks.

Even, I hope you have visited your the amazon what happens there?

When we use to visit one product it automatically suggest is lot of profileable product below in the page and we also like to see this once.

That is thing which helping much to helps him to grow fast. 

One existing this and proceeding further let me suggest you some stuff plugins that helps you to create a ossum homepage and pages of your blog.

Plugins for design your blogs:–

Elementor pro : is a one paid plugins of WordPress that helped much people’ to design their blogs with awesome look

Thrive artitech:- is also a paid plugins of WordPress is currently helping lots of blogger and marketors to design their homepage and Pages.

7. Structure Your User Experience With Specific Menus

Did you know how much important to add menus in your blog if you have forgot to add or you avoided it.

Then I am sure you have harmed your SEO it is increasing your bounce behind you that’s not good.

As I told you above in the content that the internal linking is the thing that helps you to reduce you bounce rate as well.

The Menu comes here is helps people to navigate your blog and to provide the right information which the user desire.

Menu navigate the user to visit more and read more inside our blog by which leads some extra reducing of bounce rate.

How To Create Effectively Menu quickly?

Now, the points comes to get manage our menu inside our blog/website.

If you are using the generatepress or any other themes that is premium version just go to apprence> customize Into your WordPress wp-admin.

And the alternative way to customize your blog Menu Professionally by the help of elementor pro

The elementor helps people to to design their blogs professionally and attractive that leads to more reducing of bounce rate.

In the elementor you can design easily header according to you want footer too.

8. Mobile device

Your blog should must mobile friendly becouse 51% of search traffic is coming from mobile in second quarter of 2020.

6 Ways To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

So make sure your blog is responsive design for both.

If your blog is not responsive design, then why users will like to read your blog, they like to exit your blog quickly and  will ran away to your compititors blog.

If it, then your traffic is going down, and it is going to affect your bounce rate that leads to harm your blog In SERPs.

Google has also recommanding the bloggers to make their blog responsive design, if your blog is not responsive design then feel free to use wordpress plugins to make responsive design  otherwise choose the responsive themes.

Check your page in google mobile friendly

9. Search Box

Here is the one more most important topic that comes into our mind is search box. 

As I already told to when our visitors comes to our blog for read something and Click also on other link that makes reduce our bounce rate.

Now it depends on us that, how we are can drive to other post also.

Where the search box comes on search box is the one of the biggest to reduce your bounce rate most of the users like to find the search box into the menu and in other places but don’t found it.

6 Ways To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

That means we don’t have done fill the user intent, make sure you have done optimize your menu and mentioned the search box.

You can also track your what your audiance is searching on your search box , through analytics as well.

How To Add Search Box In Menu?

Now the points comes to add a effective menu with search box that satisfy the user intent as well.

I already told if your blog have not features to add search box or anything on header then you can finally mention with elementor pro inside the header section you can add search box too.

10. Add Sidebar Allow Users To Navigate Your Blog

That other main points comes here in reducing bounce rate is sidebar.

Did you ever thought that most of the pro blogger use to add Sidebar inside their blogs and article too for the mistery of bounce rate.

Sidebar allows reader to to nagivate and migrate them to other article to fill the complete user intent.

Also sidebar transfer link juice to to popular article as well.

Make sure you have added your popular article into your sidebar section

 Do ever heard about silo structure silo structure allow to transfer link juice to your homepage to whole article you can also mention silo structure inside the sidebar.

To add Sidebar go apprence> customize inside your your domain/wp-admin and under wigits sections.

11. Add Table Of Content

Table of content is one more thing that fill the user intent as well once again

Suppose you entered a teachable blog to get some stetegies from that, but what happens we got lot of information about it.

Now the things comes on that we entered the to get little bit important knowlege that quory comes into the user mind.

After not founding the soluction, that fill the user intent user might be going to exit your blog which can increase more bounce rate of your blog.

Now here the table of contents comes on that helps people to navigate the heading as well easily.

There is one plug-in easy table of content that help you to create a table of content easily.

Faq For How To Increse Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate

What Is The Good Percentage Of Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate should be at 26-40 % for get credit as a excellent, it’s also depand on your niche.

What Is The Reason Of Increasing Bounce Rate

Not not doing internal linking, getting wrong traffic, slow speed not, designed their blogs for getting attract visitors.

What Is The Reason Of Increasing Bounce Rate

Not not doing internal linking, getting wrong traffic, slow speed not, designed their blogs for getting attract visitors.


Bounce rate biggest ranking factor as comapre to backlink, but managing in right way is not still easy but afer reading till the end.

I hope you all have got the right direction to make Consider on bounce rate as well or able to rank our your blog quickly..

(How To Increase Traffic By Reducing Bounce Rate) if you got little bit quite good information then it on Social media and drop your comment below the post about it.


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