Data Room Ansarada

Data Room Ansarada – Special Functions

The virtual data room is a new milestone in the development of corporate cloud services and one of the fastest growing business segments in the field of data storage and exchange. Solutions of this kind offer their users, as it might seem, almost the same advantages as Dropbox, OneDrive and other public cloud services. Of course, this is so only at first glance, but in fact, as you know, the devil is in the details. It is thanks to the differences from their older counterparts, public cloud services, in particular, Data Room Ansarada is becoming more and more popular.

What Is Ansarada?

It should be said right away that this is far from a standard virtual data room. After all, Ansarada directly uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and modern machine learning to identify risks and opportunities as efficiently as possible, significantly increase and protect potential, as well as optimize various processes (from the usual preparation of a deal to a full-fledged closing).

Ansarada has over 100 features, including reports to help you track bidder activity and interest levels, extensive document security controls, and 24/7 customer support. By the way, you can use this data room without any material costs thanks to the 14-day free version.

How is Ansarada used in mergers and acquisitions?

This data room is perfect for many modern people who are directly involved in the conclusion of mergers and acquisitions, including consultants, investors, auditors, regulators, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises to deliver faster results and greater value.

Main functions

Ansarada has a fairly wide range of functions, but the main ones are presented below.

Assessing The Engagement Of AI Bidders

Sellers using Ansarada Rooms can view the AI Bidder Engagement Score, which quantifies the likelihood that each potential bidder will make an offer. He predicts who will win, and objectively informs sellers who are interested. AI Bidder Engagement Score is calculated using a machine learning algorithm that measures the performance of 57 individual metrics over time.


AiDA, an acronym for Ansarada Intelligent Data Assistant, pulls analytic data and data on-demand based on activity in Ansarad’s room. Provides access to information in natural language, no need to log in and click on the menus and functions of the desktop product. Users interact with AiDA through a chat interface available for iPhone via the iTunes App Store. The virtual assistant uses natural language processing to understand user requests, as well as more than 20 “skills” for data extraction and analysis to provide answers.

RaaS and Materials Information Platform

In October 2017, Ansarada launched the world’s first materials information platform, delivering readiness as a service (RaaS). The platform leverages emerging technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses be prepared for the most important outcomes by structuring their tangible information, placing responsibility on people and tracking progress with an objective assessment of readiness.

M&A Game

Ansarada launched the M&A game in January 2014 – an appeal primarily to investment bankers seeking to express their competitive advantage in a risk-free environment, The New York Times reported. According to The New York Times, ten hours after the game’s release, it attracted nearly 1,000 users who have played it over 3,300 times.