GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?


4.7 / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Premium Support….

4.8 / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Page Speed….

5.5/ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Affordable Price….

5.0/ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Are you still confused to choose one between generatepress free vs premium, both are their own benefit and pro and cons inside this post?

Today I will help you decide one that will be beneficial for your online business.

theme is the most important part of the Website, it maintains the user experience and presents the beautiful design for websites, you can also connect page builders, like elementor & Beaver Builder for advanced level customization.

but, which one should you choose for your Business?? that will take your business to the next level, free vs premium ??

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?

Overview of generatepress premium

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?

Generatepress is the king in the matter of the themes of WordPress, it is also known as a superfast theme, as compared to other themes, it is most lightweight as well

It is easy to navigate, if you want some additional work and wants to customize it according to your niche, it is flexible for it also.

It has more than 2,829,919+ downloads and more than 1000+ Reviews and 300,000 active websites & 60,000 happy customers.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?

Tom Usborne is the founder and creator of this theme, he has been working with generatepress for over 10 years.

It is optimized for any search engine policies and it has a responsive design most fast loading speed time.

this theme able to attract readers to stay long to your blog, as user experiance is als o a ranking factor.

the most important feature of this theme, it has several types of customization options, which can customize any part of your website without any additional plugins.

This theme uses to provide a better user experience & developers update to their premium plugins always concerning time.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?

Let’s consider which one is great for your Business, generatepress free vs premium, let’s dig into it, and explore what is its free and premium versions features.

What Is Generatepress Free?

Generatepress free is a freemium WordPress Responsiveness theme, Freemium means it has both free and paid versions too.

Generatepress WordPress themes have focused to provide a large number of lightweight themes and are specially customized for great speed.

In the initial days of generatepress, they have applied efforts to make the theme huge super-fast loading and provide the deep customization options with Excellent Performance.

And that’s why it is most popular for speed, flexibility and deep customization options without any additional premium plugins.

This version also has features to make your blog a secure and stable optimized template.

It’s is also a Multipurpose Them, it doesn’t matter in which niche are you using this theme, generatepress theme for bloggers

The free version has a high capacity to make your blog attractive and secure with the fast loading speed, but there have limitations with its free version.

What Is Generatepress Premium?

As I discussed above, generatepress is a WordPress freemium theme, meaning it has its premium versions too.

The premium has a lot of additional features available inside it, it has great Functionality design and writing blocks inside it.

It is the most lightweight and extra fast loading optimized theme as compared to free themes and other premium themes.

This theme has a lot of optimization features, which will help you to reduce the additional plugins that you have installed for other purposes.

Let’s look at its features and its comparison.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium: Head To Head Comparison

let’s see the difference with some real charts that will show the clarity of comparison.

FeaturesGP FREEGP Premium
Mobile, SEO Friendly
Custom CSS
Basic Typography
14 pro modules
1 click reset option
Lifetime use
Premium Updates
Import & Export
Custom copyright
Colors editing
32+ Site library
Page header
Editing Blog page
Editing Backgrounds
Spacing, padding editing
Typography 70+ fonts
Secondary navigation
WooCommerce Integration
Section settings
Premium support
Megamenu plus

Features of Generatepress Free Version

Generatepress free version has amazing advanced features, as compared to other free WordPress themes.

Let’s see how generatepress free has optimized for full SEO well.

Responsive Theme

This theme is responsible for any device layout or content also, it will show comfort for any device you are using.

and we know it is important to have mobile responsive features inside our theme.

As a being it’s a free theme, but it’s have cared for SEO and optimized for SEO

Lightweight theme

The major spacility of this theme is its loading speed.

This theme is under 1 MB that leads to most fast-speed themes and it will also improve your user experience, dwell time, bounce rate as well, and better user satisfaction.

Generatepress page size

Typography And Font Editing feature

typography options are also available to make changes to your website’s font style with 120+ font designs, and you also can use this font on low size of damages of your page speed.

Again, it will help you to make improvements in your Bounce Rate, and as we know how big a ranking factor bounce Rate Is.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is code that is used to tell the Search engine difference between the content and other elements of our blog.

Without having skills of coding, integrating it inside our website is not still easy for us, for this we need to have deep technologies required to add Schema markup

But, the generatepress theme comes with already optimized inside it, and it benefits our blogs and helps search engines to understand websites.

Lightweight & Page Speed

As per search engine algorithms, we know how important page speed is, without good page speed we are not going to rank on google with any type of keyword.

The reason behind low page speed is many different things, like cache, theme, plugins, and much more inside your javascript.

Google claims many times about this ranking factor page speed , how much important it is?

And if you haven’t great page speed, it will spoil your user experience and affect negatively blog SEO and damage it.

To be aware of that, you must have a good page speed loading time, to make sure you have a generatepress theme.

It is the single theme that never downed my own website page speed ever before since I am using it, and it will mention further.

Custom CSS

This is one amazing thing Featured inside this theme but it is not Benefits for you all.

A person who creates their website through CSS, and has few skills in CSS can take advantage of it.

Using custom CSS, you can enhance your website design and give up your website a unique look without elementor & Beaver Builder… 

Pro Modules

With the generatepress theme, you can get 14+ premium modules access for free, which will help you to make customization blog/websites quickly.

These 14+ Premium Modules have extra features inside them that can make your blog designing attractive without installing additional plugins, like elementor & Beaver Builder

one click reset

one more extra advantage of this, suppose you are trying to customize your blog design, but your design got spoiled.

At this time you can easily reset your blog design by Just in a single click, one-click reset function of reseting everything from generatepress and makes them defoult as it was before. 


Generatepress theme is known as a popularity plane because of its lightweight and features, flexible design.

And there is one more stuff known as documentation they had featured for beginners, who have zero knowledge in customization of the website.

This simple thing can make your website super easy to create your blog to see as per your need and your niche quickly.

Support And Help

Many of you may get outstanding while customizing, inside theme if you are a beginner, you might make little bit mistakes in case you are unable to fix it.

In this situation, generatepress has a community page where theme users communicate with each other.

But free members won’t be able to question and answer there, only they can access to visit.

But Premium members can contact the theme developer on 7/24 and tell them your problem, they will put their efforts to fix it.

You may also navigate your designs of the featured image, where it to show, either above post or below post, between the post and have to remove it.

Features of Generatepress Premium 👑

Generatepress Premium has a pro version of the WordPress theme.

Once you will Purchase this theme from the official website of this generatepress, you will get a premium plugin and an official licensee.

And immediately the pro features will activate for you, and you will be able to navigate and take benefits of this theme premium features as well.

Site Library

It has a library in which more than 30+ theme templates have been stored if we want to make our blog Attractive without putting much effort into customization.

Then this feature will help you to make your customization easy, with a set of design elements template in just a few clicks.

Color Options

They have provided colour options inside premium, you will be able to customize any part of your website and make them ready for user engagement.

Whether it is your link colour, hover colour, link colour, text colour menu colour,  header, scrolling button colour any parts you can make colourful with 60+ colour inside this premium Functionality of Color Options.


The amazing features of these premium versions, while customizing your blog, can change the background colour of any part of your website, and help you to adjust with image colour.

It’s helped me to change my header colour and fit it with the logo of my blog, and it’s also helped me to change the scrolling text colour and footer colour.

And according to your desire put the background image in the image section, if you have a Business Website, you may need to install additional plugins for this.


Elements feature have been provided inside these premium features, it will have huge benefits for your website.

But, this feature, will come only with premium versions of this theme.

Do you know Generatepress hasn’t the option to show the blog writer/ author profile and description after the post end section?

But you can add this feature to get fame with this element’s feature, and it has 14+ elements inside it, any can Disable Elements and enable according to your desire.


if you think your website should have any feature left in this theme, then you can integrate it with advanced CSS and PHP code and navigate your blog, according to you. 


If something your blog doesn’t have design and header, menu items, content area, footer are too far from each other, you can pull close.

With the help of these premium features. 

Copyright Text

premium also allows to editing copyright text, which is situated in the footer.

And you can also add links and other stuff, inside the copyright section with it, you will be able to links colours well. 

Import Export

Other themes don’t allow this feature, but the generatepress WordPress theme can do this easily.

If you are creating a new site for your other purpose, then you don’t need to waste time to make your blog attractive like previous blog.

You will be eligible to Export Option settings and Import-Export to your new site, this is the biggest factor I love about these themes.


Premium modules access add-on features for WooCommerce sites and many other customization features for WooCommerce.

but for this you need to add an additional plugin to take benefits of it with generatepress.

24/7 Support

They have lots of staff, which will help you solve any kinds of problems by supports, which you leave in live chart.

And they also have a discussion community page to support premium members to questions answers with developers.

GeneratePress free theme Pros & Cons


✅Mobile-friendly & Optimized For SEO.

✅ 100% free for a lifetime, No Need To Pay. 

✅ Fast-loading And light-weight Optimized

✅ Typography & Font Editing

 ✅ Documentation

✅Support community

✅support child theme


❌Required coding skills { for more flexibility }

❌Unable to remove copyright© (powered by GeneratePress)

❌Not have import/export Features

❌No premium 24/7 Supports

GeneratePress Premium Theme Pros & Cons

✅  Pros

✅ Fast-loading & light-weight optimized

✅ 45+ demo sites library provided

✅ Optimized for SEO & Mobile friendly

✅ 101+ customizing feature.

✅ Documentation options. 

✅ GP hooks, elements, and header will available.

✅ 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee { Refund Policy }

✅ The plugin size is less than 30Kb ( Means your website will load Fast)

✅premium update


❌Nothing’s limitations have been found by me.

GeneratePress free & premium (which one is  is better)

Deciding which one is better, is totally upon you, according to your Business need you can choose one.

Pro and cons will help to choose one.

But, I will highly suggest choosing to generatepress premium. I am also using it, since last year.

And free version has the biggest limitation, and those limitations and damage & spoil your user experience. 

GeneratePress Premium Price & Renewal price.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?
GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2021: Which One Is Better?

Generatepress WordPress themes have fixed price, and it may happen, you can get discount once in years when you will make a Purchase in the  black Friday sale

The price of generatepress is 49.95 USD with a first-time Purchase every first time if you are buying this theme or renew your License Key on black Friday.

Black Friday comes once in December and offers a 40% Renewal Discount on each Purchase and renewal License Key price, so make sure you have Purchased yet

Click here to buy this theme and save your 40% amount as well. 

Should I Upgrate to Generatepress Premium ?

It totally depends upon you, whether to purchase it, or free is enough for you, it can be decided according to your business requirement.

its free version is more than enough for those sites, who use AdSense, as they put their design as simple as they can, concerning the page speed.

but, in case if you have affiliate sites and other online business sites, which essential to look professional, and require great premium settings like generatepress, then in such a situation you need to upgrade.

as above has a lot of generatepress features mentioned, if that meets according to your desire, you may consider upgrading.

Is Generatepress Premium Right For Me?

every blogger and online marketer wants fresh wordpress, great page speed and search engine optimized themes,

they don’t want to compromise with flexibility quality and page speed, lets see if generatepress premium is right for you or not?

Generatepress Premium Is Right For You If:

  • if you are a WordPress user.
  • if you care about page speed.
  • if want best flexibility customization.
  • you are an online marketer, entrepreneur.
  • if want a great theme at a cheap cost.

Generatepress Premium Is Not Right For You If:

  • if you are not a wordpress user.
  • if you don’t care about page speed.
  • if you don’t want the best flexibility customizations.
  • if you don’t want developer support.
  • if you don’t have money to invest.

GeneratePress Reddit Review generatepress review 2021( testimonials )

Let’s know generatepress Reddit review what they feel generatepress is about?

Is it really going to be worth your month for waste?

GeneratePress Customer Review

Have used it on many sites for over 3 years…

The developer is active and responds well to any questions or issues you might have on the forms.

The theme has had many improvements over a couple of years, yet still feels lightweight and easy to configure.

GeneratePress Customer Review

Yeah, very happy with it. It’s lightweight, fast, no bloat, and great documentation/support. I use it on all sites now.

GeneratePress Customer Review
GeneratePress Customer Review

It’s spectacular.

I get a google page speed of 99 and 100 on the other tests.

It looks great and is easy to work with. It’s easily worth 10x what they charge.

FAQs (frequently asked questions) on Generatepress Free vs Premium

I know you have some doubts left inside your mind after completing this post, I’m going to mention some QnA below you check it.

Is The Generatepress Premium Version Worth It?

Yeah, generatepress Has tons of great features, that help to customize your blog, with different new advanced benefits, definitely, it well worth the money.

Can I Use Page Builder With Generatepress premium theme?

Yeah, it works well with every popular page builder elementor, Beaver Builder, thrive architect with generate press.

How much is GeneratePress premium?

generatepress costs only $59 for one year, It has lifetime deals as well, which costs only $249 at one-time cost & allowed for 500 websites, yearly allow 50 websites.

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