GeneratePress vs Genesis – Who Wins The Battle? 2021

researching the best themes for wordpress is a little bit hard, both are good for different purposes, but in this battle, let’s find out which is a good one?

I have been using Generatepress for the last 2 years but also used genesis on my other blog, I will share both of my experiences, which you should choose in today’s era.

GeneratePress vs Genesis – Who Wins The Battle?

generatepress vs genesis

Page Speed5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Features5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

both are good for different purposes and both are bad for different purposes, you have to determine for which purpose you are building a website and which themes you require for your business.

we are going to compare these two themes on the following parameters.

  • Speed Comparison
  • Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • Support
  • Price comparison

GeneratePress: Overview

Generatepress is a freemium theme of wordpress, generatepress one of the most popular wordpress themes known for its fast loading and lightweights performance, for upgrading the performance it has its premium as well.

generatepress was launched 6 years ago, Tom Usborne is the founder of this theme, this theme is popular over the internet from just after it was louched as it has a lot of features which leads to reduce the number of plugins for additional flexibility which we have installed.

generatepress has 3,293,316+ Download, 1000+ fivestar review 300,000+ active websites & 80,000+ Happy customer.

generarepress is able to customize any parts of the website without installing a single additional plugin. without hurting SEO and page speed.

that’s because the generatepress add-on size is less than 30 kb, or they are trying to make it more lightweight.

Generatepress works with every popular page Builder, and that makes generatepress great.

Genesis: Overview

Genesis is also a wordpress theme fully SEO optimized and security protected, & clean code, it is a product of studiopress. it has not any free versions theme.

genesis helps to build your online secure business with the genesis premium framework.

this theme has over 80,000 happy customers happy with it.

stay with us I will tell you how you can get the genesis Premium Version theme for free.

it also works with every popular page Builder.

What is the Genesis theme framework?

Genesis is a powerful framework designed by experts to provide us with a search engine friendly, lightweight, mobile responsive framework for your sites.

this framework controls websites design, Customization Options, or security, and their different child themes can be installed to their framework and make your site quickly.

as generatepress, genesis is not a freemium theme

Speed Comparison: Generatepress vs Genesis

A theme can be customized as we want with any page builder it’s not a huge requirement for a great theme.

The things that matter for almost every theme is its performance means its page speed as it is the biggest ranking factor in 2021.

NOTE: speed of a theme also depends upon its hosting, but in my case, I am using A2hosting on both.

Generatepress: Speed Comparison

GeneratePress is made especially made for lightweight and fast Loading Time optimized if you have a combination of good hosting along with generatepress.

if you are using normal themes. it will get affected and will show falculation in speed after using the essential plugin you will be disappointed.

but, generatepress use to maintain a great balance of page speed while using the additional plugin.

it has unbelievable features for customizing your blog, even you don’t need a page builder anymore. if you want to create a blog.

here are my page speed Time results with generatepress Premium Version.☺

generatepress page speed

Genesis: Speed Comparison

as I told you I have used the genesis theme on one of my other WordPress blogs for different purposes.

genesis also has good page speed, but it comes with too much limited flexibility which leads to install additional plugins.

but it causes to increase page speed, and it does not seem good for SEO.

so if you are those whose page speed matters then I will suggest Go with generatepress rather than genesis

here is my site made genesis page speed.

genesis page speed

Which theme is Better for page speed?

no dought, how important page speed is, or the main parts of almost every themes is its page speed.

if you are those whose page speed matters then make sure to choose a better one between them.

if you ask me I am using generatepress for my every important blog, but also using genesis for other purposes.

if you are those who want performance then make sure to use generatepress, but if you want security or want to continue changes in your code.

then you may consider to genesis framework, along with its child themes it also has great features.

Features: Generatepress vs Genesis

features are also the essential parts of themes, lets have a look at generatepress and genesis what they are offering.

Generatepress: Features

generatepress is being amazing in the market, the nearest reason is its flexibility Customization.

its free versions also have great features, but when you will upgrade your theme, your flexibility will double down.

Premium Modules

GeneratePress Premium Version has a lot of elements by which you can edit your blog, background, blog, colour, copyrights, elements, disable elements, site library, spacing, sections, e.t.c.


you can change edit, make the colour any parts of your website, whether it is the link, header, footer, background, widget, or buttons.


typography helps to change font style, font size, make them bold or make them multi-font look with 200 fonts.

Layout Control

In the customizer, you can control the layout of almost all elements of your site, and navigate them according to your desire.


schema helps to understand search engines the content of our blog, and it mandatory for all blogs, you may use different schema for great CTR.


control your copyrights section, according to your desire, you may also insert an affiliate link to your footer credit.

Site Library

generatepress has many demo site that will help you to design your site quickly, with its pre-build demo site, it can be imported in a few clicks.


integrating woo commerce is now available with generatepress, but it requires additional plugins.

Import Export

export generatepress settings and design in single clicks, and import it easily to another site.

Secondary Nav

you can create secondary navigation as well in this theme, with all the similar options as your primary navigation can do.

Menu Plus

Manu plus allows you to configure additional for Sticky Navigation, Mobile Header, Off-Canvas Panel, Mobile Menu.

Genesis Theme: Features

genesis theme also has huge beneficial features. which worth every single money we will invest inside it.

Custom page templates

genesis theme always offers a set of design elements, pre-built templates that can help you to create your website quickly.

One-Click Theme Setup

this feature allows any Genesis developer to configure theme demo content and dependent plugins to load automagically when someone first activates the theme


genesis Import expert features expert genesis theme features like a backup for importing all the changes effortlessly.

Mobile Responsive

this theme is accessible in almost every device, it is feet comfortable and feels responsive.

Airtight Security

Genesis themes have protected with very large security layers of child themes themselves. Genesis themes File a claim that he is most secured wordpress themes, in any terms of security wheaters it is malicious or hacked cases.

inside generatepress Theme Customizer, lots of features are also over there, And that’s is the reason I love it.

Which Theme is Better for Performance?

each theme has great features in such cases, both are good for a different purpose, it depends which stuff matters a lot for you,

but for me, generatepress is the winner in the Terms Of Features or performance, as it has tons of great features which leads to reduce the numbers of additional plugins.

if your blog is about marketing and affiliate marketing or wants to create professional blogs, then sure your decision is GeneratePress.

Pros & Cons: generatepress vs genesis premium

Genesis Framework

✅Gutenberg ready

✅mobile responsive

✅Unlimited customer support

✅Custom page templates

✅24/7 customer support

✅lifetime updates and support

✅Lifetime access


❌No advanced Customization Options

❌A bit expensive


✅Superfast loading speed

✅Seo Friendly

✅Generateprese install adds Less than 10 Kb

✅Secure & Stable

✅Woo-commerce integration


✅Unbelievable lot’s of customization

✅Multipurpose theme

✅24/7 premium support

✅One-click reset


✅ Hooks


❌Nothing Found any wrong yet.

Who Wins The Battle👑 ??

clearly, GeneratePress has more great features, it leads that it has great page speed, features, and other stuff, you may consider to GeneratePress premium.

Price Comparison: Generatepress vs Genesis

Affordability matters for every user, let’s see which themes worth the money, and whats its pricing plan.

Generstepress Pricing

generatepress provides its theme at a very cheap price as compare to other themes, it has a yearly and lifetime plan as well.

generatepress pricing

GeneratePress yearly plan costs ($59 / year) or $249 one time payment for a lifetime, you can use licence key up to 500 websites on both plans.

if you purchase a lifetime or yearly plans on generatepress black Friday or cyber Monday sale which comes once a year, you will get this deal 35% off each year.

Genensis framework ( studiopress )

genesis theme price has a little bit hard than generatepress but it worth it,

genesis theme has two following packages

  • Framework package
  • Pro plus membership

Framework package costs $59.95 one time pricing, Pro plus membership costs $499.95 which is also time costs.

you can save $1200 with Pro plus membership plans. you can get this deal at a huge discount during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Which Theme Is Good In pricing ??

it’s a considerable points pricing, in this terms both themes, is great is pricing, genesis cost a bit more than generatepress.

but it returns the best value in return, in those price genesis provides lifetime supports and updates, which is great.

or generatepress cost little but provides only a year of updates and premium supports.

both themes are great in pricing, both are considerable.

Support And Help: Generatepress vs Genesis

help support is the pillar of trust of almost every good product in these comparison points the result is totally against GeneratePress.

Let’s deeply dive into it.

Genesis Framework: Supports

Genesis theme provides in his each plans lifetime updates and premium supports, genesis team is active to answer all questions.

they have a premium Community, where you can contact or ask your queries over there instantly, this is the huge benefits.

in the case of updates premium support or help, I think it is really great. you may consider genesis in case of supports.

GeneratePress: Supports

generatepress has fantastic supports quality, as genesis, generatepress also have help and supports premium Community.

their developers and their team are active 24/7 to help you or resolve your problem instantly to their generatepress premium members.

Which Themes Is Good For Helps And Supports ??

both themes have an unbelievable performance in supports both themes is beneficial for us. you may consider one according to your desire.,

make sure you are grabbing these themes on black Friday or cyber Monday for an extra amazing discount.

Money-Back Guarantee

generatepress has 30 money-back guarantees, when you will purchase generatepress, you can request a refund from your account.

generatepress will refund the full amount you have paid them.

if we talk about the genesis theme they have also 30 days money-back guarantee, but if you have purchased genesis pro.

in such cases they will return your full amount till 60 days, yeah you heard it right genesis has 60 days m0ney back guarantee

In this case, both themes are Winner.

How To Get Genesis Theme For Free ??

yeah, you heard it right, you can get genesis themes for free.

if you will WP Engine hosting, then you will get genesis theme free along with 36 premium studiopress themes at free.

this studiopress 36 theme worth $2000 which is great to offer.

for building wordpress site hosting is essential for everyone, you may consider for genesis theme to taking benefits of this offer.

Do I need Genesis Framework?

Yes, to run the genesis child themes you need to have a genesis framework, along with its child themes.

Is Genesis theme free?

No, it has its paid framework, but if you purchase wp engine hosting, then you will get genesis theme free with 36 other studiopress themes.

Can you use GeneratePress Premium On Unlimited Websites?

No, clearly generatepress claims, generatepress premium can be used on 500 websites.

What is a Genesis child themes?

child themes that work as a security layer on the parent themes, and make your website secure, and take backup of your CSS Code.

Final Thoughts: Generatepress vs Genesis

both themes has got good marks, in the comparison, let’s decide one.

Terms Of Features then must go with generatepress, but for you, pricing and security matters then must go with genesis theme.


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