What Is Keyword Proximity- Everything You Need To Know

There are over 200+ Ranking signals and other policies that we have to avoid one of the Search engine demands is Keyword Proximity.

Let’s know What Is Keyword Proximity: Everything You Need To Know

What is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword Proximity- Everything You Need To Know

This Is refers to the distance between words of a single search term. Distance is the number of words between them.

It’s just a word you have put between your focus keyword.

Let’s learn practically with an example:- 

Just suppose, you are going to write an article, with the main keyword ” best laptop under 10,000″

Your main topic is about “best laptop under 10,000”, these words are your main keyword, which you have decided to write about it.

But, if you write your article like this

“Are you trying to choose one best laptop for your Business under 10,000″

above you can see there is your main topic which background contains green color, shown above.

And the Proximity keyword comes between your Main keywords and spoils your sentence beauty.

This is what we knew as Search Term Proximity

Google proximity Was a small point on which most of the SEO experts haven’t Research deeply.

In the last of December 2020 have recently launched a paragraph update, from that any topic of the article can rank on SERPs even a paragraph can boost your organic search engine rankings.

In this update of the paragraph, they provided more value on this point

Does Keyword Proximity Matter In SEO?

Yeah.. a little bit, but webmasters have never talked about it as seriously, and Google hasn’t also recommended it.

Just you need to remember this point, and you should focus on high-quality content that delivers sensor value.

Try to keep full the user experience and Google has also launched the new algorithm for page speed in December 2020.

If you will search your main queries inside google, you can see several targets will be bold.

It means web spider knows your blog efforts, on which article you are trying to rank for.

what does the keyword prominence refer to?

Keyword Prominence: Keyword prominence refers to how prominent your keywords are within your web page, In simple English, this means how close to the beginning of the web page, sentence, title, h tag, & Meta description your keywords are placed.

Difference Between Keyword Proximity And keyword Prominence

Keyword prominence is too similar topic each other, just for your improving skills I am going to cover it.

Keyword proximity– refers to the distance between words of a single search term. Distance is the number of words between them.

Keyword Prominence– it is Way of keyword placement inside the article

Suppose you are typing a keyword inside SERPs, then web spiders will look at those articles, who have similarly written around that topic.

And then in front of the searcher, have you ever thought about how a web spider has put that information in front of us.

SERPs robots will look inside those websites that have targeted those keywords in their Article HTML and analyze that and then they will put on a show.

if you also want to arrange for your blog article to come across to users, then we need to do Keyword placement for this.


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How will we do this?

For this we need to do keyword placement, follow the steps where to mention the target words.

title section, during creating a perfect title for your article, you have to put that keyword first in the title.

page: you can put your focus Keyword inside the page.

URLs: URLs are those places, by which SERPs understand your target keyword, so make sure you will mention your target keyword in URLs too.

Heading, H1, H2: this is also a part of keyword placement if you are missing this place then you are doing huge mistakes, make sure are targetting your focus Keyword in headings.

Alt Tags: web spider use to send traffic from different several ways, the image I one of them, your focus words must have inside your image alt tags

Remember- according to panda update 24 Feb 2011, if you are doing keyword stuffing, then you will publish by panda update Your blog must have mentioned keyword Density ratio.

make sure you have managed a better ratio of Keyword Density, many people are new in the field of blogging those people have to avoid this. otherwise, just a single small mistake keyword Density will spoil your blog search engine rankings.

Keyword frequency

a similar Keyword you use inside the tile subheading H1, H2 Is Keyword frequency is the number of times a particular keyword appears on a website.

But don’t do any spamming, as I already told you how costly it will make your keyword density better.

In Conclusion

I hope this post has helped you to get a lot to understand you about this point and how term to implement this 3 point to your blog.

Thanks for reading this article, please share it with your friends, if you got it helpful.

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