Thrive Architect Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Review 2021 - Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

Thrive Architect is the most popular WordPress page builder. it is an easy visual page builder, especially is for bloggers, online marketing most converting, impressive or comfortable page builder.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

TypePage Builder
PriceStating With $19
SupportPremium Supports 24/7
FeaturesThrive lightboxes.
 A/B split testing.
Inbuilt lead generation.

Why You Should Choose Thrive Architect?

Best Value

Thrive Architect Review 2021 - Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

In terms of getting the best attractive effective design. landing page, great looking post, for this price matters but thrive architect is staring $19/month, it is affordable for everyone.

Ease To Use

thrive architect easy to use

thrive architect is a great page builder, you can create, design your pages by drag and drop to your site. and adding or removing element. it is pretty much easy to manage it.

Thrive Architect overview: A Quick Introduction

Thrive Architect Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

thrive architect is the most popular WordPress effective page builders for creating professional-looking & great converting landing page builders.

even you can create your sales pages, landing pages, opt-in pages and webinar pages or it is beneficial for writing a best-attracting converting blog post.

thrive architect is a visual page builder, you can design any parts of websites, and any landing pages by simply dragging and dropping.

before thrive architect was thrive content builder, but initially, was little bit problems occurred inside it, but now it is fully secure and updated.

thrive architect can design any kinds of pages and make them conversion-focused pages for marketer 0r entrepreneurs.

here is the thrive architect some great features: which make it great than other page builders on the internet.

  • Pre-Made templates
  • Flexibility
  • Drag & Drop System
  • Responsiveness
  • Live Editing
  • Attractive Buttons

thrive architect features is absolute makes greater, it is so easy to navigate and design your any pages, posts quickly but is require a bit experience.

as it comes with its great features, its price is very low everyone can afford it easily, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Thrive Architect Pros And Cons


✅affordable price comes with its lifetime premium updates

✅291 premade conversion-friendly landing page template.

✅amazing pre-built element.

✅import and export features have been placed.

✅drag and drop easy customization options.

✅27/7 premium support.

✅lead generation form intreated.

✅beautiful button and icons for more conversion.

✅responsive, and easy user interface.


❌it will show a negative effect on your page speed.

❌it is a little bit complicated, for the first time.

thrive architect is a great page builder, but it affects a little bit on page speed, if you are using quality hosting, then it will not going to harm you anymore.

I am also using thrive architect for building landing pages and, to design my articles, it performs great for me. make sure you are considering thrive architect for page builder.

Is Thrive Architect Right For Me?

no dought, thrive architect is the best page builder Plugin than rest on the internet, it has easy drag and drops features.

it is beneficial for online business, bloggers, digital marketer, affiliate marketer, landing page builder, sales funnel builders.

and to design your affiliate blog posts and custom homepage to provide to visitor/ customer professional looks.

Thrive Architect Is Right For You If:

  • if you are an online marketer.
  • if you use to create online content.
  • you use to create sells funnel.
  • you want to design your blog post
  • you want to create your custom homepage.
  • if you want to get more sell and leads

Thrive Architect Is Not Right For You If:

  • if you don’t want easy to use page builders.
  • if you don’t interested to create converting landing pages.
  • if you are not a WordPress user.
  • if you don’t have a website 0r no product to sell.

Thrive Architect Pricing plans

thrive architect is a Tremendous great page builder, and the facts are its price is completely affordable for everyone.

it has 3 Attractive Pricing plan, with different licence packages

  • single licence (costs $67 )
  • 5 licence pack (costs $97 )
  • 15 licence pack ( costs $147)

thrive architect can not be grabbed alone, you are purchasing thrive suite, you will also get across many thrive tool.

Thrive Architect pricing
  1. thrive theme builder
  2. thrive architect
  3. thrive, quiz builder,
  4. thrive leads
  5. thrive optimize
  6. thrive comments
  7. Thrive Apprentice
  8. Thrive Ultimatum
  9. Thrive Ovation

it starts at $19/month which is a crazy deal, right?

with the deal of $19/month, you will get 30 days money-back guarantee, or a license can be used for up to 25 websites, along with unlimited. updates and unlimited support.

Features of Thrive Architect

thrive architect features will great contribution to reducing your number of additional plugin from the site, which you have installed for different purposes.

and those are slowing down your site and it leads to make your site lazy and Outburst.

its tons of features like drag and drop design your site effortlessly and enjoying professionally and conversational friendly.

let’s have look at its great features:-

Drag & Drop Fast Editing

drag and drop feature help to creating your essential pages easily, quickly and effortlessly.

adding and removing blocks and element to the custom page, it can be done by simply dragging it and dropping it to the section, even you want to change its position.


page responsive is hardly essential for any pages, or even google claims that 63% of traffic visits from mobile, and remains from other devices.

or responsiveness is also a huge ranking factor than ever.

but thrive architect is not one of the page builders, who use to spoil the interface of responsiveness.

it uses to take equal care between desktop and mobile, and other devices traffic.

Conversion Friendly Building Blocks

Thrive Content Builder only not helps to design effective pages, but it also helps to boost your conversion with different blocks.

and provides fully control to access element of site and create a beatuful pages.

here it is:

Call to Action Buttons

for getting boosts in conversion rates, these blocks help to add an anywhere attractive call to action button.


increase your product trust and your email list by adding sliding testimonials blocks to your page and make them conventional.

Lead Generation Forms

boost your email list by thrive architect attractive lead generation form creator, lead generation forms let you add, delete, control lead generation form anywhere.

Pricing Tables

pricing is a must for any landing pages, but this block creates an attractive full customization pricing table, anywhere on your site.

Styled Lists

listing is an important aspect while creating online content, but it looks dull and cheap, you can add the latest styled listing to your website content, or your landing pages.

Animated Countdown Timers

to boost your sales or increase your customer Animated Countdown Timers helps to integrate timers, which shows sensitive urgency to purchase a product with showing limited time left.

Guarantee Boxes

these are readymade guarantee boxes for marketers and service seller, to show positive trust in your services and product.

Call-to-action Box

call to action box highlight your content, and focus on the call to action button to increase sales.

Content Boxes

it Made famous by the Johnson Box, content boxes have long been a staple of conversion-focused design, helping you highlight the important parts of your copy.

it was important blocks of thrive architect, if you want to explore more blocks of thrive architect make sure to visit the official site.

Pre-Built Get Thrive Architect Elements

element of thrive architect make content professional-looking, reduce complications and make user energetic to read full content.

  • Paragraph/Text
  • Background Section
  • Social Share
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Comments
  • Toggle
  • Google Maps
  • Custom HTML/CSS
  • Heading
  • Column Layout
  • Disqus Comments
  • Divider
  • Fully Scalable (Retina) Icons
  • Tabs
  • Table of Contents
  • WordPress Content
  • Image
  • Click to Tweet
  • Custom Menu
  • Fill Counter
  • Post Grid
  • Star Rating
  • Responsive Video Embed
  • WordPress Content

Beautiful Landing Page Templates

having great page builder Plugin is not enough, the effectiveness of landing pages matters most.

are you still hiring landing page builders, but after Thrive Content Builder it doesn’t need any more.

if you don’t have an idea, how to create design your landing page yourself, if it’s your first time, then it beneficial for nubie. and it’s the most powerful and fastest way.

thrive architect templates

thrive architect has pre-build 291+ a set of design element landing page template, which is a full conversion-friendly template, it converts effectively.

this pre-made landing page template is available to create a landing page, sales page, opt-in page, webinar page and much more pages quickly and effectively.

there is no need to write a single code it is a completely visual template, which is totally easy to navigate.

this landing doesn’t even offer a set of the landing page, but also offer to create, removing add and customize completely landing page according to your desire.

you can edit every aspect there typefocus, shadow, alignment, background, spacing, animation,

A/B Split Testing with Thrive Architect

A/B split testing is a way to distribute traffic between two landing pages to find out right and better-converting one

thrive architect doesn’t work alone, in terms of A/B split testing it requires to install thrive optimize, which is a product of thrive themes.

even thrive lead can be easily integrated inside thrive optimized, and take your thrive architect to the next level.

there is nothing limitation, unlimited A/B split testing can be done, and make your landing pages conversational friendly.

Flexiblity of Column Layouts

adding a column to the pages, it not a big deal with any page builders, but putting to column layout comfortable with your content is a bit complicated.

but, the column created by a thriving architect stable it comfortable with your content on any pages or any device.

and makes column and your content combine, when it feels it seems been changed the display size for comfort.

Advanced, Attention Grabbing Hover Effects

blocks and element of your site are still in 2021 looks dull and shades, which decrease conversion rates of sales pages.

but thrive architect has unlimited text and element hover set of moving parts around which makes your button and your.

we may add background images with text overlayed on them as a visually striking section.

these simple step of adding hover buttons to your landing pages, can boost your sales and leads or grow your business fastly.

Thrive Architect Works With Your Favorite Email Marketing Tool

recently thrive architect has been updated, and they have integrated new functionality like global buttons style and scrolling behaviour.

if the points come about marketing, or building landing pages, sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages.

the main point comes is to covering the leads, it’s because it converts very quickly, and covering these leads is an opportunity.

as I mentioned above thrive architect has a beautiful lead generation email submit form, that uses to work it every single email marketing tool in the worlds.

Thrive Architect Review 2021 - Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

thrive architect collects email and save it to your email list along with its uses to design and customize their forms with their pre-build template.

submit the leads to forms is just laziness, the customer won’t show their interest to submit their leads, but with thrive architect email submitting forms, people start attracting with the forms

here is the tools above showing in the image thrive architect works well.


thrive themes has a community for their premium member, where they can communicate with the thrive themes developers, related to their problems.

their support is amazing, your problem can be resolved instantly and 24/7.

thrive architect help centre already has many questions asked and resolved, those question has been stored in the help centre, we can access it and your solution there.

just visit there and select your product from thrive suite products and find our your solution, if there is not present you can consider communicating with developers.

Thrive Architect Review Summary: Is It Worth It?

if you love to create an attractive effective landing page, webinar page, opt-in page and custom homepage, it will worth every single penny you invest to purchase.

getting the amazing deal and features of customization is really great.

thrive architect customize your sites with deep flexibility, as same elementor and beaver builder and other page builders Plugin.

and the joy points are along with thriving architect, you will get another thrive themes product that is really greatly worthy your money 2x twice.

if you want to grab thrive suite follow the links below.

Thrive Architect Alternatives

Let’s look is there any other great page builder than thrive architect, or is it worthing the money.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

Elementor: elementor is also a great visually, very easy to use page builders, and it offers a great number of customization functionality as thrive architect.

elementor every single block and popup design looks attractive but is cost

Thrive Architect: thrive architect also has much flexibility inside it but is a little bit complicated to use.

but is totally worth the money, it uses to provides many other thrive themes product along with thrive architect.

Thrive Architect vs Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder: is a page builder Plugin for wordpress, and makes your pages clear, and clean code or developer-friendly.

it has a limitation of customization as compare to thrive architect but is cost less than thrive architect.

Thrive Architect: we the points come to thrive architect, it provides huge flexibility to design any types of page builders, opt-in page webinar pages, sales pages and much more.

it can be useful for almost everything.

Thrive Architect vs Optimizepress

Optimizepress: looks like a great WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly create a landing page that can attract more and more users and then turn them into real customers.

Optimizepress are like Thrive Architect also provides a wide range of elements and features that allow you to create, manage and customize your website.

As for the differences, I would say that Optimizepress is a more complete page builder Plugin than Thrive Architect, but the price is quite higher.

Thrive Architect Tutorial

if you feel you should get some practical tutorial on thrive architect, and it seems you may try to reading content.

here is the thrive architect practical Video Tutorials make sure to watch.

FAQs on (Thrive Architect Review 2021)

if you have a question regarding thrive architect here we’ve covered it in the faq section.

Is Thrive Architect Free?

no, thrive architect is a premium plugin that comes with thrive suite and replaced by the thrive content builder.

Does Thrive Architect Work With Any Theme?

yes, there are no issues with using thrive architect with themes, it is pretty much comfortable for almost every popular themes you provide.

What Is Thrive Aarchitect?

thrive architect is a wordpress page builder, which use to creates, landing pages, to create a custom homepage, opt-in pages and webinar pages.

What Is Thrive Content Builder

thrive architect was initially louched in the market as Thrive Content Builder, but user observed some crashes and bugs, then thrive themes upgraded Thrive Content Builder to thrive architect.


before thrive architect was Thrive Content Builder, now it has been upgraded and fully fixed its previous bug and has been made secure and flexible than ever.

A landing page by thrive architect is a web page that allows you to request a visitor’s information, through a form, so that you can convert it into leads, i.e. potential customer, or sell it a product and/or service directly.

thrive architect has the ability to easily insert text, images, and content into a page or article, and make them conventional friendly.

Unfortunately, Gutenberg can’t help you in case you want to create something more appealing and that allows you to increase the conversion rate, so it’s going to be hard for you to make sure you turn readers into leads & leads into customers.


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