Thrive Themes Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

thrive themes is a wordpress suite, a connected series of rooms to be used together of themes and plugins to get a great boost to your business, with an affordable price

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

Easy To Use4/5 ⭐️
PriceStarts at $19/mo
Featureslanding page builder
lead generation
quiz building
scarcity marketing

Thrive themes overview: A Quick Introduction

Thrive Architect Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

thrive themes review provides conversion-focused wordpress themes and plugins its themes and plugins are built-in in such a way to increase your sales, conversion and leads.

thrive themes claims they have more than 16+ Conversion Focused Product & 113,812 Happy Customers happy with them.

its means they are doing something great for the internet marketors

thrive themes was started in 2013, and still getting loving from those days by their premium thrive suite members.

here are the product that thrive themes offers, which inside its thrive suite has as well.

  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Thrive Comments
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Optimize

along with these useful tools in thrive suite, thrive themes offers:-

  • Unlimited Updates
  • Premium Templates
  • Unlimited Support
  • Integrations and APIs

which will be going to worth your money 2x if you grabbing membership with thrive suite.

and the major importance of thrive themes, it can be affordable for everyone, no matter even he generating money from his business or not.

Thrive Themes Pros & Cons

let’s look at its positive and negative points, that makes it more unique, and this will also let you decide whether to choose it not.

Thrive Themes Pros🔥

  • Premium Template: its thrive architect page builder has 250+ template, which is useable for almost every purpose and every niche.
  • Integrations and APIs: you can integrate your all favourite online marketing tool like MailChimp, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft
  • Video Tutorial For Marketing Technique: thrive themes has even video tutorials for teaching marketing strategies or landing page building
  • ✅A/B Testing In WordPress Dashboard: thrive optimize works with thrive architect and perform well in terms of A/B testing direct in the dashboard.
  • Lead Generation: try lead generation from creating with thrive leads, it creates a beautiful form that converts the customer to submit their leads.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: thrive themes haven’t any free trials, but it provides 30 days money-back guarantee for their premium members
  • Free Updates: thrive suite is getting prepared for further future to makes the experience great, its premium updates ready to inform it.
  • Unlimited Supports: for reducing & solving your occurring problems they have a support community to ask about your problems and get satisfactory solutions.
  • Course Integration In WordPress: thrive apprentice is a great way to create an online course in WordPress, without having technical and coding skills.
  • affordable price: thrive suite is a set of tools that helps marketers to boost their online business, with so many tools its price is still $19/month.

Thrive Themes Cons

  • Page Speed Damages: while using thrive architect and other thrive suite product it may little bit damage your page speed

rather than page speed havent found anythings wrong yet till now, make sure your grabbed thrive themes yet.

Is Thrive themes Right For Me?

On the internet there are millions of template, themes and marketing tools for different purposes, let’s look if really thrive themes are the right decision for you, or it might not fit for you.

clearly, this suite of thrive themes is made for the marketer, who uses it to generate leads or sells, and for other online business.

Thrive themes Is Right For You If:

  • If you are a wordpress user
  • If you are an online marketer
  • If you are a course creator, online trainer
  • If you are landing page designer, funnel creator
  • Require A/B testing for your business
  • Want to creates landing pages effortlessly
  • Want to collect testimonials review for your course

Thrive Themes Is Not Right For You If:

  • If you are not a wordpress user
  • If your niche is not relevant to marketing
  • if you don’t love conversion-focused templates
  • if you don’t want creates stuff effortlessly

if there any points meets that require for your business if of-course to choose to thrive themes.

but, if the points are relevant to your niche, so you can ignore Thrive themes and take a look at the alternatives tools below are featured.

Thrive Themes Product Review

let’s take a conscious look at thrive themes review, what’s its benefits and how it actually takes your business profit to 2x with thrive suite review.

as thrive themes has many products for different purposes, that helps your online business in different ways.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect logo

before creating any ads campaign first require a conversion-focused landing page that provides product information, and convert them to purchase.

here the thrive architect comes to create visually landing pages that can convert almost every visitor that your wish.

even you have zero knowledge to create landing pages, don’t need to worry, thrive themes has 300+ landing pages that convert to a different purpose, which works effectively.

or thrive suite has thrive university that can teach you to create landing template makes you a professional landing pages.

Thrive Architect Benefits

  • Pre-Made templates
  • Flexibility
  • Drag & Drop System
  • Responsiveness
  • Live Editing
  • Attractive Buttons
  • A/B split testing
  • lead generation integrations
  • Animated Countdown Timers

and much inside it, to know more read Thrive Architect Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, Pricing & Reviews

No, dought thrive architect is the most important tools from thrive suite, that’s why I am listing it to the above of all thrive product.

as thrive themes use to provides fast and easy to use drag and drop that makes it more comfortable for anyone.

smart landing page templates use are more than enough to create a beautiful design that converts the visitors.

Thrive Architect Features

  • Drag & Drop Fast Editing
  • Pricing Tables
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Call-to-action Box
  • Responsiveness
  • Testimonials
  • Styled Lists
  • Animated Countdown Timers
  • Conversion Friendly Building Blocks
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Guarantee Boxes
  • Content Boxes

Thrive Leads

thrive leads review

thrive leads is plugins by thrive themes for generating your leads 2x faster, it also works as great as the most popular leads generation tools works.

as thrive leads is lead generation tools, it also cares to increase conversion rate with A/B split testing to choose better one between two pages.

thrive suite is completely affordable for anyone, who are new to the online marketing business, they don’t need to purchase different marketing tools for a different purpose.

Thrive Leads benefits And Features

thrive leads review
  • Design & Deploy
  • Advanced Targeting
  • A/B Testing Engine
  • Actionable Reporting & Insights

creating your from with thrive leads literary very easy to anyone, it doesn’t require any additional skills for it.

because thrive leads library has much more high converting a set of lead form templates, that can be easily applied everywhere on the web page.

for email marketing require email marketing tools to store leads, thrive leads are eligible to Authenticate with almost every popular email marketing tools.

thrive architect templates

as it has 30 days money-back guarantee, you can ask anytime for money if quite disappointed by it in 30 days money-back guarantee

friendly customer support and State of the Art List Building or unlimited updates & friendly customer support.

Thrive Theme Builder

thrive theme builder logo hunterblogger

“Not a plugin, and not some workaround, Thrive Theme Builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder—with drag and drop, front-end customization power

that can locuh your site in few second, doesnt require any skills fo it,

if has the ability to visually modify, change and create your sites header, sidebar page layout and much more stuff.

Thrive Theme Builder

along with creating attractive sites effortlessly, it also cares about responsiveness and doesn’t harm any aspect of SEO.

for creating sites better, it has 100’s of conversion-focused elements like icons, fonts, fancy dividers, page blocks, content elements, conversion tools, and much more.

In any online niche and industry needs to design the home page to make the website professional, with thrive theme builder you can create a fast attractive conversion-focused homepage for your homepage with different elements

here are some thrive theme builder great features, which is going to beneficial for you.

Thrive Theme Builder Features

  • hundred of templates to choose from.
  • thrive theme builder & shapeshift
  • lightweight and responsive.
  • library of pre-built design templates for posts, page sections.
  • ability to customize author box, 404 page and category pages
  • easy to use and clean and professional

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder hunterblogger

building a quiz with thrive quiz builder is an awesome strategy to boost your conversions, leads and social shares.

It helps to create visually easily quiz on your websites in an interesting way, this is what going to very beneficial for online marketers, and increment their conversion rate and leads.

as it has various quiz template, that can be used for a different purpose, but one of my favourites is to find the targeted audience for a different product.

Run a quiz in front of your audience and integrate a call to action as well there, after running a survey and verify the user might afford the product.

here are some great benefits of thrive quiz builder

Thrive Quiz Builder Features/Benefits

  • A/B split Testing
  • Opt-in Gate
  • mobile responsiveness
  • social media sharing buttons
  • various beautiful quiz template
  • Analytics of quizzes on the dashboard

that’s it, if you think quiz builder quit greatly boost your sales, you may consider to thrive suite.

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice review

thrive Apprentice is a wordpress add-on for creating course directly in wordpress, visually and quickly, it doesn’t require any programming skills.

thrive Apprentice is going to help those online trainer and course seller who has a limited budget, and want to create courses, as thrive suite can be affordable for anyone.

its not complicated anyone can create, modify their courses easily.

it comes with login and sign-out options with a beautiful design, which leads to engaging more signup and a lead magnet for your business.

even it has the availability to customize your classroom as your wish or according to course interface require.

the biggest benefits to change the languages of your video course, most people can greatly understand and consume English, so thrive themes claims thrive apprentice can change any language to English languages.

And makes your user experiences better.


your conversion rate is down? don’t need to worry, everyone can have the quality of copywriting, so it has specially conversion-focused landing page templates for course selling.

Here Are Great Thrive Apprentice Features

Thrive Apprentice Features

  • Landing Page Template For Course Selling
  • Course Video Translation In Any Languages
  • Duplicate Exiting Course
  • Total Classroom Customizations
  • Beautiful Login And Registration Flows
  • Create the Perfect Customer Checkout Experience

Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments

Do you want to increase the comments of your blog or want more social shares or reducing bounce rate, then thrive comment is useful thrive for you

simply, it creates a community below the post and encourages visitors to comment, after commenting it provides moderations options and ask for social share and read other pages, show the deal.

along with it, it also uses to allow upvote, pin and top great comments and many other features and benefits.

after commenting on your blog, comments ask to join your social profiles, shows affiliate product and deals.

for many sites it would be great benefits, in some case, it might useless for some blogger.

Thrive Comments Features & Benefits

encourage visisots to comments more

  • Encourage Visitors To Comments More
  • Increase Socials Share
  • Increase Your Social Profiles Followers
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Increase Little Bit Conversions
  • Get More Page Views
  • Appear Optin Form After Comments
  • Show Affiliate Banner

Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize

Thrive optimize is A/B split testing tools, that performs to analysis of two landing pages, and find out, which one is converting more.

as your online marketer, you don’t need any other additional plugins anymore, thrive optimize is more than enough to boost your earning 3x.

thrive optimize review
source: thrive themes

it is a bit complicated but, it is too faster and conversion-focused to convert people more.

or the biggest benefits is, it comes in thrive suite and anyone can afford it easily there, even you are new to the marketing business.

NOTE: It Only Works With Thrive Architect, Otherwise It Doent Works

A/B testing is major essential parts of increasing conversions, that every online marketing business require.

Here are its cools benefits and essential profitable features.

Thrive Optimize Features/ Benefits

  • Easy & faster
  • Easily Directly A/B testing On WordPress
  • visually
  • editing
  • unlimited testing
  • Unlimited Test Variations
  • 3 Conversion Goals
  • Automatic Winner Feature

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum

have you ever seen, sense of urgency on landing pages, that shows the timer and time left limited.

that are the only sense of urgeny, and it convert well & boost our conversion rates,

many visitors visit our landing pages, website, but they don’t convert, that because time kills the product desires, but thrive ultimatum be stopped it.

you can create countdown widget, Fixed Date Campaigns, Autopilot, Evergreen Campaigns, Floating Header Bar, Campaign Templates, Auto-End Campaign, and much more there out.

it doesn’t require experience to create a countdown timer, they have lots of set of the template and video training tutorial, that made easy for everyone.

display anywhere that countdown, timer widget, as they are fully responsible for any device.

even you can change the timing zone of timer and timer widget languages in any languages and makes your visitors experience better than ever.

Thrive Themes Pricing

thrive themes doesn’t have any free trials, but it has 30 days money-back guarantee, you can ask whenever you want money.

But it its premium version, which costs $19/Mo, and instantly provide access to thrive suite along with its all premium plugins, themes and templates

it has two diffent plans different plans

  • Thrive Suite ( Costs $19/Mo)
  • Thrive Agency Membership ( Costs $49/Mo)
Thrive Themes Pricing

The Thrive Suite costs $19/mo (billed annually at $228) & $30/mo (billed quarterly at $360) for use up to 24 of your own websites.

thrive themes pricing

thrive suite for monthly is fine, but you are purchasing thrive agency membership it costs a little too vast, if you have a small business then you doesn’t should go above thrive suite.

Is Thrive Themes Worth It?

Yes, marketing is a great business, people are making even millions of dollars from it, that’s why marketing tools cost too much.

as thrive themes cost $19 per month if you purchase a single tool it will cost 2x-3x more than thrive suite.

furthermore, thrive themes use to provide all marketing tools buddle in the same pricing, which is great.

unfortunately. if you are not renewing thrive themes account. still, you can use them, only you will not get support and premium updates.

if you ask me for me, it worth every single cent of dollar you will invest in thrive themes, my answer will BIG YES

if we discuss alternatives tools, elementor costs $49/ years and click funnels $97 only per month, you might count how greatly thrive themes worth the money.

Support & Developers Documentation

before touching any complicated stuff, require deep knowledge to take careful action.

in some case with thrive architect and other thrive themes product if you are getting error and any other problem occurs with you thrive themes team are ready to make them solve.

but it is proftable for premium active members.

as thrive themes has their own personal email address to send your queries and get solved your questions answer right in just 20-24 hours, even in less.

also, they have their in-detail developers documentations to find out your problem yourself instantly, these documentations are separated for thrive suite different product

furthermore, you can send messages to a developer with support from your premium dashboard, they will try their best to answer your queries as soon as possible.

Thrive Themes Competitors & Alternatives

let’s take a look at its competitors, what they are offering to how much they cost with us and let us consider to choose to thrive themes or its alternatives are fine.

Thrive Themes vs Elementor

elementor is great alternatives to thrive architect, so if you are from them, who are purchasing thrive suite for thrive architect, make sure to read it.

elementor is a visually drag and drop wordpress website builder, you can create any types of sales pages and landing pages, homepages and can create other designs for you.

elementor creates more professional design than thrive architect, as elementor is very easy to navigate and create pages with it.

Elementor Features

  • visually drag and drop editing
  • more popups
  • over 80+ elements
  • fully responsiveness

in the case of thrive architect vs elementor, obesity elementor is the winner, but it cant be compared with thrive themes because thrive themes offer many other marketing tools along with thrive architect.

elementor costs the fine amount, as it is a great tool, but thrive themes is less costly than elementor and provides great value.

Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels

clickfunnels is responsible to create a highly convertible sales funnel builder, but thrive themes can too create sales funnels.

it uses to generate leads, sells your product easily and provides more profit, to your online marketing business.

both are good, but in some cases, I think clickfunnels will great choice in terms of performance, thrive are also good in terms of pricing and other stuff (mentioned above ).

here is why should you choose clicksfunnels

Clicksfunnels Features & Benefits

  • Built-in Email Autoresponder
  • Email autoresponder tool
  • 14 Days Free Trials
  • CRM system
  • fast & convertible sales funnels
  • free hosting from clickfunnels
  • in-built payment integrations

clicksfunnels also provides a great value at the price of $97, but the price is quite high, but worth it, thrive themes are also good, but I think thrive themes can not be alternatives to clicksfunnels, both are different.

Thrive Themes vs Lead Pages

leadpages are website builders easily and professional, the main purposes of using leadpages is, it creates professional and convertible landing pages.

it can be said in some cases, it is great alternatives to thrive themes & thrive architect.

it can create a better landing page than wordpress page builders, and convert visitors into good ROI.

recently leadpages has added a website builder which is going to create a fresh website for you to provide visitors with better information & experience.

Leadpages Features & Benefits

  •  Leadboxes
  • Tons Of Integrations
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Drag & Drop editing
  • 120+ templates
  • leadlinks

the biggest drow back of leadpages is, it cost too much $48/Mo, whereas thrive suite cost $19/Mo, and thrive great value than leadpages

I recommand to go with thrive themes.

Thrive Themes vs Divi

Divi has been produced by the Elegant Themes team and is their flagship product.

divi is the theme as well as divi builder, which uses to build your website, and edit your content professionally.

here is its feautures

Divi Features & Benefits

  • High-Quality Content Templates Library
  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Custom Header & Footer
  • Divi Leads Optimization
  • Support and Documentation

lets look its price and compare with thrive suite

Divi Pricing

  • Yearly Access – $89
  • Lifetime Access – $249

when it comes to pricing divi costs too much, but thrive suite is affordable for almost everyone.

thrive themes offer the same features, with its unique affordable pricing, as we can say in this case thrive suite is great, choosing Divi is wasting of money.

it is good for other purposes, but for marketing thrive themes has a set of marketing tools, which saves many other additional essential marketing money wasting.

How Much Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Suite costs $19/Mo, and thrive agency membership costs $49/Mo, both are affordable for anyone and worth the full money.

Is Thrive Theme Free?

No, thrive themes is not free, even it hasn’t any free trial, but it provides 30 days money-back guarantee, which is enough

Does Thrive Architect Work With Any Theme?

Yes, thrive architect stay comforble for almost every themes on the internet, but make sure your themes responsive and meets seo requirement

What Is Thrive Editor?

thrive architect is wordpress page builder, it can creates any design, which you desire, so with many templates, elements, buttons with drag and drop easy to use editing.


thrive themes is a set of themes and plugins especially for online marketers, at just affordable pricing.

thrive themes is just starting at $19/Mo and provides tons of themes plugins pre-build conversion-focused templates and design elements.

thrive themes doesn’t have any free trails, but you can grab thrive themes, if unfortunately, it disappointed you, you can instantly ask for money, as they have 30 days money-back guarantee.

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